My Davy Jones story

Apr 17, 2012 -- 4:33pm

Here's my Davy Jones story.It was spring 1997 and I'm programming Big Oldies in Las Vegas. The Monkees are in town performing at Sunset Station and Davy stops by the radio station to go on the air with Machine Gun Kelly. After the interview we reel him into production to lay down a few liners for the station. As he and his companion were getting ready to return to the hotel, he spots our '57 Chevy in the parking lot. He asks, "Yours? Can you take us back to the hotel in it?"

"Sure!" So off to Sunset Station we go with Kim my Promotions Director riding shotgun and Davy and his friend in the back seat. Little do they know as we make the twenty minute ride to the hotel, I'm sharing a secret with Kim. The '57 Chevy has been running a little hot lately. It's only spring but it is Las Vegas. I'm more focused on the rising thermostat than the road. As we get closer to the hotel the thermostat is reaching the boiling point. Whoa! Then Davy says "Hey can we stop at the store?"  "Sure." They go in and I quickly raise the hood with steam pouring out of it. Very carefully open the radiator and then I dash into the store. I grab some coolant and off to fill the radiator. Shortly Davy and his friend return to the car as it has completely cooled down and we were off to the hotel. Davy and his friend never knew...


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