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Feb 24, 2012 -- 1:40pm


Lets go back to a time when getting a phone call ment you had to be home. Going to the record store was a real treat,you couldn’t Waite for the next lp to come out. The art work was out of this word. You still can't get your kids and in some cases your grand kids to really get what it was like to put down a needle on a record.

It's a shame that they do not know how to put a record on a turntable. Yea it's a shame....we are getting old. I want to treat you to a time that I hope for us all will take us back. From my personal collection I hope to @ times put a smile on your face and bring back a few memories.

You know the girl or guy that you loved so,you wrote both your names on the LP cover. yea I did that to!!!! I will tell you my favorite record store was School kids records here in Wilmington. They just before they closed were on Wrightsville ave, Loved when they were on Dawson street. They were in the building next to the cigarette place @ Dawson & Oleander.

Ok enough on the history lesson you get that weekdays 6:30pm....I want to start out with my favorite artist The Great "Big O" Otis Redding. This Collection is from 1987,it was a four LP set. This has all the songs and then some.

Here goes Otis @ his best.....If you have @ artist you wanna see or think I should feature I will try to find and give you a peak at them. Tommy Gunn's record shop is now open!



On My Bike!

Oct 21, 2011 -- 11:37am

Recently a cousin of mine son past away in a bike accident here in the city. It really hit home just how you are here today and out tonight. I make it a point to always wear a helmet and make my profile visible to drivers. I am 100 miles from my 2011 goal on the bike. I will pass this goal and keep going until it's just to cold to ride.

I have honored my cousins son by dedicating the 100 miles I have ridden this week to his memory .My goal you ask? 1200 miles. I have one hundred to go.

I ask that you who read this ask yourself what have you done or want to do to honor someone. This could be someone on your job you never speak to, a family member you don't talk to or, just a long lost friend.

The late Solomon Burke had a song called give me my flowers when I am alive, so I can smell them . We live in an area that we can get out just about all year. Here are a few tips:

1.Always keep some form of id on you( my helmet contains my contacts & I wear an id around my neck)

2.Tell someone where you are going to jog, bike or walk just as you would if your were boating

3.Make yourself visible ( I often stand when I come to an intersection or corner)

There's a few to grow on tell, next time stay safe!

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